Genetic Counseling

School of Health and Human Sciences

Wake Forest University Medical Center – Prenatal Diagnosis Clinic, Winston-Salem , NC

Genetic Counseling students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of genetic counseling sessions at Wake Forest and Forsyth Medical Center including advanced maternal age, positive prenatal screening results, family history and ultrasound anomaly cases. Students may attend a multidisciplinary case conference to discuss patients who have a fetus with an ultrasound anomaly. Students will also have exposure the AFP screening laboratory at Wake Forest. Students have the opportunity to work with multiple genetic counselors in this setting.

Wake Forest University Medical Center – Pediatrics Clinic, Winston-Salem , NC

Genetic counseling students will have the opportunity to observe and participate in a general genetics clinic. Participation will include case preparation, genetic counseling during the session and follow-up. Students may have the opportunity to attend specialty clinics such as the Marfan syndrome clinic, Cleft Lip and Palate clinic, Craniofacial clinic and Prader Willi clinic. Students may also be involved in in-patient consultations at the hospital. There is a weekly meeting students may attend which includes a journal club, educational presentations and case review.