Genetic Counseling

School of Health and Human Sciences


-By Mercedes, Ryan, and Margaret, Class of 2019

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the UNC Greesnboro Genetic Counseling Program Student Perspectives!

A couple of us in our first year have decided that we wanted to provide some student perspectives to incoming applicants or anyone else interested in genetic counseling. While we will be writing about our experiences at UNC Greensboro, some of our thoughts will hopefully be helpful in your journey to becoming a genetic counselor and choosing the right program for you!

On the subsequent pages, you can expect hopefully a couple different things. We would like to provide you with some of our experiences in our first year, both personally and in the program. You can also expect some tips, insights into grad school at UNCG, unique things about the program and more! Thanks for checking out this page, and we hope to see you soon!